Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Mystery

Something's afoot in the garden!
Someone tunnelled under the snow in pursuit of...
Brussels sprouts?  The skirt of sprouts on this Brussels plant do not appear to be disturbed.  But I love the silhouette of this tall leftover in the garden.
Could it be looking for kale?  This plant actually has what appears to be new growth in the center.  A couple more bright, sunny days and we could be eating greens again!
I do not know what the tunnel creature is looking for here in the veggie garden, but it is welcome to whatever it finds.  No damage will be done this time of year.  Elsewhere, however...

Someone has been nibbling the bushes in front of my house.
Look how those lower branches are stripped of their bark!

And another stripped-off segment there on the lower part of the middle branch.  There are many bunny tracks in the snow around these bushes, so I expect they are ripping off bark with their long, yellow bunny teeth.  When I prune out the old growth in a month or so, I'll be sure to get those parts out.

And while we're looking around the garden, a sign of spring!

Forsythia buds beginning to swell!

And lilacs, silhouetted against the snow, beginning to round out.

Just a few short weeks and spring will be quite apparent!


Anonymous said...

we had a SUN SHINE filled weekend here in the southwest corner of the Lower Peninsula and we are very thankful as the month of January was quite cloudy.

plus we were able to see the BRIGHTEST and BIGGEST MOON of 2010 !!! the first FULL moon of the New Year !!! HUGE it was !!!

thanks for the looks at the small signs of the approaching Spring. but February and March ( and April sometimes ) can still pack quite a punch and/or bite the unwary in the butt. do not put away the long johns or the Union Suit just quite yet !!!!

The JR said...

I had a feeling it was those Waskalie Wabbits knawing the branches.

Don't know about the tunnel though.

Callie Brady said...

I had a forsythia bush once and I thought I was the most beautiful thing. I loved the yellow flowers!

Chicken Boys said...

I love forsythia. I just wish they lasted longer.

Cheryl said...

I love the brussel sprout plant . . . I haven't had any luck getting them to grow in my garden.