Sunday, July 19, 2009


The yellow hen has gone broody. They're the best setters, the Buff Orpingtons. On Friday she just stuck to the box and hasn't moved. What happens is the other hens decide to lay their eggs beneath the one who's setting so they don't have to do it themselves. Here you see two lazy Ameraucana hens pushing their way in to leave more babysitting work for the yellow girl!

Indeed, when I came home from work I reached under her and discovered one small brown egg and two greens from the Ameraucana. I marked each egg and will leave up to six underneath her. Any more I'll take away so she can just stick to business and not be overworked by trying to cover a dozen or more eggs.

With any luck, there will be baby peeps in three weeks or so! Stay tuned!

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The JR said...

Ours will only lay in one or two boxes. My only bantam tries to sit them all!