Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guest poster: Ulani

C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! You're always posting about the chickens and stupid ducks. The only good duck is a stuffed duck -- everybody knows that! What is the deal with you anyway?

Why don't you post about all the great stuff we find on our walks? The delicious cat poop by the farm of the cows! Oskar and I both love that, I'm sure others would, too, if you would just share! The squashed frog I rolled in this morning was delightful! Don't you think your friends would like to live vicariously along with me? What about the day at Moocows and Horsies up the road when all those baby cows were out in the pen with their mommies and they started running around? That was one of the most exciting days of my life! Did that show up on your stupid blog? NO! I think people would get excited about that, too. C'mon, give 'em a chance!

Just last night was an exciting episode I see nothing about here. When we went outside and that black dog was in the backyard, looking at your precious chickens? Boy, if you had just opened the gate me and Oskar would have chased him right through the corn. I almost climbed over the fence, didn't you see me?

I think you have some poultry-loving disease. I could make your stupid blog a lot more interesting for people who care about the right things. Just let me write a column. C'mon, give me a chance.

Respectfully submitted,

U La La Ulani de Guerande

Ed. note: I will give your request due consideration and get back to you. JH


Anonymous said...

Dear Ulani,
I was kinda wondering about your mom. Glad to see you stepped in and are voicing your opinion. I'll be looking for your blogs in the future.

Your Pal Suzette aka Crepe Suzette de Guerande CGC

Anonymous said...

oH Ulani! I loved your blog article today. Your mom should let ypu post more often/ You live quitr an exciting life with you house brother.

The JR said...

Ulani, thanks for the offer of living vicariously with you on the poop and the squashed frog. But, I think I'll read it to my fur child Country and I'll sure her eyes will be glassy and wet with tears at the thoughts of doing that with you.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have guest posts more often... it's great to hear a perspective like that! I nominate the ducks next - quack quack.