Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanksgiving day brought a blizzard to Busy Solitude Farm!
The snow fell so wet and fast, after a while the dogs did not want to stay outside. They gather rock-hard snowballs on their feet. Yowch!

I started out for my sister's house for our family meal, but the 11 year old car started making an odd noise on the interstate entrance ramp and I decided that it was the safest choice to turn around and go home. It disappointed me not to see my family, but the idea of being stranded on the highway at night in a blizzard convinced me otherwise.

So, rather than having a real Thanksgiving, here is my fantasy Thanksgiving dinner menu. Begin with a glass of champagne and some mushroom caps stuffed with bread stuffing and cheese. After all the fabulous guests arrive, move to the table. Pour a nice pinot noir and pass the following dishes to delight the tastebuds.

Simple mashed potatoes (made with cream and butter)
Wild mushroom gravy (full of onions and pepper)
Sweet potato souffle (so sweet it could be dessert!)
Brussels sprouts with a light mustard sauce
Cranberry sauce with cinnamon and cloves
Green bean casserole (c'mon, it's Thanksgiving!)

For dessert I like the classics, straight and narrow. Simple pumpkin pie with lightly whipped cream and deep dish apple pie ala mode. Have a hot cup of coffee with it and get ready for a nap!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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MaryEllen Schneider said...

I'm partial to snow pictures but this one is really nice.