Monday, November 19, 2007


Just look at those eyebrow feathers! This is Egglebert, my Cuckoo Marans rooster. He is almost 18 months old now and rules the roost for the 16 hens (plus his daughter, Chick-Chuck). I just love the sculptural beauty of his comb and wattles, offsetting the delicate feathers in his eyebrows and down his body. "Cuckoo" refers to the broken black and white bars in their coloring (look at a Barred Plymouth Rock for the alternative coloring).

This is Belle (Vraiment Belle de Guerande). She is Oskar's niece and Ulani's half-sister. I think she has the very most gorgeous "eyebrows", which in Briards are referred to as the "fall" of hair over the eyes. Because her ears are cropped, she also has a more sculptural quality to her head, not unlike Egglebert.

Eyebrows are on my mind. I had noticed over the past year or so that the outer half of my eyebrows seemed to be disappearing. It was not a total surprise, my father just has the tufts in the middle left! But I don't feel nearly old enough to have "old man eyebrows"! Then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. One of the symptoms is losing eyebrows. After five weeks of medication I swear that my eyebrows are coming back. Will they stand up like Egglebert's, or form a luscious fall like Belle's? Not likely. I'm just glad to have them back.

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Melissa said...

How about a little gel or hairspray? That might make them stand up :)