Sunday, May 5, 2013

Around the place today

Inside I am enjoying a huge amaryllis' blooming.  Just look at the four blossoms on the stalk, and the extravagant reproductive parts!

This is the second of my five amaryllises to bloom in the past month.  The others don't show any sign of flower stalks.  I like to put the bulbs outside for the summer, then when I remember (which I did not this past fall) I put them in a dark place for about six weeks in the fall.  That will cue them all to send up stalks.


Outdoors in the front garden, spring flowers continue to beautify my space.  I absolutely adore bleeding hearts.  Look how the flowers on the top raceme, with the "legs" closed, then the one below has the legs spread to encourage insects.  Just fascinating!

 The hellebores fascinate me, too.  Look at all the different colors.

 This one appears to be forming seeds!

Another, backlit.

And the lilacs are almost ready to burst!

Many birds enjoy the birdfeeders and birdbath this time of year.  I just sit at my dining room table, sliding door open, and take photo after photo after photo!

I think this is a white crowned sparrow.  They shouldn't be around here now -- they're supposed to migrate farther north!

And this year I have about ten goldfinches swooping in and out.  Sometimes it's almost like lightening bugs, they are so flashy!

We're deep into spring, and it feels fantastic!


The JR said...

great pictures. You have flowers that I don't grow. Neat.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, Johanna. You're an amazing photographer!