Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silly girl!

One night this past week I awoke with a start, feeling clearly that something was wrong.  I heard something.  A breathing sound.  To my left.

That can't be, I thought.  There's only a small space between the bed and the wall to my left.  Anything breathing would be on the bed, or on the right side where the floor is covered with a comfy rug, and the door out of the bedroom is always open.

But it could not be ignored.  Something was breathing to my left.  So I turned on the light.

There stood Ulani in the small space between the bed and the wall.  And when the light came on, she shook her head as if awakening, paused a moment to get her bearings, then backed up, turned around, and quickly walked to the other side of the bed before jumping up and laying her head on the pillow.

Silly sleepwalking girl!


anno said...

What a cutie! (And a great story, too.)

Our dog sleepwalks as well, or at least he gets lost in the dark. Which means that by the time he's figured out how to get out of our room, everybody in the house is awake. Fortunately, most nights he stays settled in...

LOVE that picture of Ulani!

The JR said...

hahaha, she couldn't see with all that hair in her eyes!