Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guest poster: The Great Ulani, Huntress of Busy Solitude

Ed. note:  Ulani's cousin Suzette, who is a princess and girly-girl, seems to have caught a rather large, black bird yesterday evening.  While some might be horrified, Ulani expressed a different sentiment.

Ulani here.  I want to share my congratulations to Suzette on her great capture last night.

I've been a hunter for a long time, as you know.  Here is a photo of me with the Great Striped Tiger I caught back in '06.  I stalked it all over the living room before I took it down.

I prefer hunting outdoors, though.  In the deep, tall grass I can flush a chicken, or a bunny.  Then my heart really gets to racing!

Some of my best chases have been in the snow -- my, it is bracing to race in deep snow!  Nothing is safe from me, The Great Ulani, Huntress of Busy Solitude!

And then I bring the prize to Johanna.  But she never keeps it like I want her to, to enjoy as it develops "the stink" (as our butcher Patrick calls it).  Instead, I have to say goodbye to my prize and have a dry biscuit instead.

So I say congratulations to Suzette for the Big Black Bird.  Did Linda honor this great success by taking a photograph?  If so, I would enjoy seeing a picture.  I promise not to drool on the computer.

Respectfully submitted,
Ulani, TGHBS

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The JR said...

Ulani, I shall call you when I need a great huntress!