Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coop, Continued

About a month ago I noted here that the yellow hen had gone broody ten days earlier.  Since then, the stripey hens took over the boxes and have been pretty much stuck to them.

I know that some of the eggs they're on are rotten.  Every once in a while I go into the barn and can smell that one broke.  When that happens, I think the hen eats it all.  Blech.

Recently I've been able to collect a couple of eggs almost every day from the third (empty) nest box.  Apparently at least some of the other hens have stopped laying with the stripeys.  Is that because they sense that something is developing and their egg will go to waste with the setters?  Or maybe they just find the stink of the rotten eggs as unpleasant as I do!

A few days ago I happened to go into the barn just when one hen was off her nest.
A full dozen!  That's crazy!  Interesting, too, that it's only the green eggs under her.  Do the brown layers know something?

I seriously hope that all of these mysteries will be revealed sometime VERY soon!  And when they are, I will report back to you!

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The JR said...

cute picture, that red hen is lookin' like she's saying "what ya'll doing down there?"