Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oskar's Jahrzeit

It's the anniversary of Oskar's death.  I took this photo of him enjoying a meaty raw bone from Local just two days before he died.  He was happy.

He lived a good long life.  He was loved, and cared for, and his needs were met.  So many dogs do not have lives like Oskar.  I made a contribution in his memory today, so that some unwanted dogs might be a little more comfortable.

I still watch his video sometimes.  I don't always cry now when I watch. 

 I still miss him. 


The JR said...

I'm totally understanding.

My Country is 17 and I know I don't have much longer with her. I'm trying to prepare for that day.

MaryEllen Schneider said...

Glad you can enjoy the video but not sure how you can hold back the tears on that parting shot of him walking away. Gets me every time. Extra hugs for Bandit today.

Alice in Chicago said...

Hells bells, that video had me crying. Oskar sure was a beautiful, happy boy. And was that little puppy Ulani? So cute together. What an awesome memorial you created to Oskar - it really makes me feel like I knew him. We should all have someone who loves us enough to honor us in this way.