Sunday, April 22, 2012

On the occasion of Ulani's 9th birthday

Today is Ulani's ninth birthday!  She's still pretty active, although as you see here, it's on her own terms.

Ulani has always been a special character, from the day she first came to live with us from Montreal.  She flew alone, as cargo, and I drove to the cargo station at O'Hare airport to pick her up.  After waiting about half an hour, the customer service person finally took her golf cart over to the terminal to pick up the crate and returned to pass Ulani over to me.  I snapped on her leash and we stepped outside onto a huge parking lot with huge airplanes taxiing around and flying overhead.  She showed no fear as we walked over to a patch of grass, where she modestly relieved herself an then bounced back to me as if to say "where to now?"

When Ulani came to live with us, she was nine pounds and Oskar was ninety.  I was concerned that even if they became best friends, he might hurt her.  I set up a puppy room in my dining room.  For the first couple of days I successfully monitored their interactions.  Then one day I popped out to the store for just a few minutes, and when I returned I was greeted at the back door by Oskar, looking a bit puzzled, and Ulani right next to him, beaming with pride.

From that point on I didn't worry.

Ulani was in charge!

We've had some fun over the years.  Remember the Tale of the Sweet Tart Cake?  Many of Ulani's posts seem to center on food.  She's always been very food motivated.  And come to think of it, you've seen her with the flying squirrel before!

But she's not always sweetness and light.  Sometimes she gets downright grumpy!  It never lasts for too long, though and she'll be back to her happy self.  Just now she's resting on the couch, enjoying knowing that the whole blog is hers today.  Her day.

Happy ninth birthday, Princess!


MaryEllen Schneider said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday filled with lots of good eats, Ulani!

PS Johanna, loved seeing the first comment on Ulani's 6th bday was from Shandy. Tempus fugit.

Rose H (UK) said...

I'm sure that dear Ulani had a great day! Sending her a hug.
Rose H

Pam said...

Booker sends Ulani belated birthday wishes! Hope she had a special day!