Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nap time

Dear Barnard has settled in to our weekend routine.  In the past couple of days she's grown quite bold, walking into the bedroom when Ulani and Luke are on the bed, defending her place on the recliner when Luke wants that seat, screaming at the top of her lungs if Luke walks under the dining table.

She's home!

Look how she uses Ulani's fur to warm her own feet!  Barnard was on the couch first, and Ulani had to squish herself into the available space.  This cat was not scooting over!

We're all adjusting to having a kitten around.

Well, two of us are.


Unknown said...

I love it! The girls are sticking together. Carol

Rose H (UK) said...

How lovely, and what a sweet picture they make :o)
Rose H

Melissa H. said...

Oh no, is she using that high pitched, loud alley cat screech? Nora used to use that with Julie. Now she mainly uses it with Mabel. They had a little dust up next to my bed at 2 in the morning a few weeks ago. That'll get your heart started!

Anonymous said...

Bless the beasts and you, too!

The JR said...

Aw sweet, I luv them napping together.