Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday spirit

I haven't had much Christmas spirit this season.  Probably not having had much snow at all is part of it.  Another part is the hens haven't been laying, so I didn't plan an eggnog party.

I did manage to put some lights on the front fence, along with a wreath.

When you look over the gate, you can see my beautiful front door wreath, too.

That's all nice, but I was still lagging on spirit.  So I told Ulani "let's get in the car and see what other people are doing for Christmas lights!"  Always game for a road trip, Ulani jumped right in and off we went.

Down one country road I saw a light high above a big working farm.  What would that be?

A simple star mounted on the top of the tallest grain building.  Such a simple representation of the season, shining bright on a clear night.  I admire these tasteful displays.

We drove on.  My friend Charley had featured a different sort of display on his blog, Vector Charley, and I wanted to see it myself.

Coming around a bend in a dark country road, I saw tail lights ahead.  A number of them, actually, and I knew I'd found it.

It has wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year from the family.

It has a choir and a church.

Of course the reindeer were there...

...and a gingerbread house.  In fact, it has everything

except maybe the kitchen sink.  But I couldn't swear to that!

There are about two acres of lights.  Honestly.  I don't know if this family puts on such a show every year, or if this is something new.  Maybe a reader can shed some light on that?  (Ugh, sorry for the pun!)

Seeing this display took me back to my childhood, when our family would pile into the station wagon after dinner and drive around to see the lights.  Dad would have scouted out some major set-ups on his way home from work, so we often went beyond our own neighborhood to see the latest and greatest.  For years my favorite lights were on a huge pine tree.  The family had it covered in lights, and the lights would change colors, slowly blending from green to blue to red to gold.  

After driving around for an hour or so, we'd get back home and have hot chocolate with marshmallows floating in it, then go to bed and dream of all the wonders of Christmas.

Well, my spirit's not back to 100%, but I'd say it's rising!  And we have something else to celebrate now -- this is the 300th post on Life at Busy Solitude Farm!  300 posts in three years!  I'd never have anticipated reaching this milestone!

I hope that your Christmas spirit (no matter what your religion, you're allowed to have some) is warm and cheery this year.  And my wish for all of us this holiday season is for...


anno said...

It HAS been hard to revive the Christmas spirit this year. It's been too wet, too messy, somehow too burdened with hard distractions. (And, like your hens, our ducks are for some reason not providing nearly as many eggs as I'd like for holiday baking.) The other night, though, driving home from town down a lonely country roads we came across one of those amazing, multi-acre light displays similar to the one you saw. The family that owns the land does this every year, and every year I forget about it until I happen to be driving home in the dark. Cheers me up immensely.

For whatever reasons, we have never mustered up the fortitude to string lights outside, but in these cold, dark days, I am deeply grateful for every bit of warm light I can find. Thanks for adding yours. And best wishes to you this holiday season!

MaryEllen Schneider said...

A big congratulations on your 300th post, Johanna!!

Like you I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit but thought it was because of the FL weather. However, you gave me pause and now I'm thinking it's probably more likely due to being so far from friends and family. Going to be making more phone calls--texts, etc. just aren't enough when so far away. Thanks for the reminder!

P.S. You inspired me to check my blog count and I found that the latest post on Dec 5th was my 250th. Wow. Never would have guessed that.

The JR said...

You've got more than I do. Haven't put up the 1st decoration.....

Happy holidays!