Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11

Only one of my current animal family was with me on September 11.  Luke.  The rest came on the scene later. 

So today I share my personal remembrance of the day.  I wrote it last year, and it remains an honest reflection.


mom said...

I cannot find the 9/11 post you referred to in your post. Here is a new quotation. I think you should add it to your list.
"Most online quotations are difficult to authenticate."
Abraham Lincoln

mom said...

Never mind, I found the quote. The
link didn't show on the first reference to it.
That is a very good commentary.
Congregants in church yesterday made brilliant comments about what has been learned since that awful day.
I was proud of them. (of course now I cannot remember any words, just the essence.)
Love, mom

The JR said...

It was an awful day.