Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playtime at BSF

Oskar and Ulani had a terrific afternoon out in the bright, warm sun.  This particular encounter was actually begun by my boy.  He doesn't really wrestle any more, but he does enjoy their own brand of play.

After a minute, Ulani was distracted by a sound.  There's a cold frame under the pile of snow and she was convinced a critter was in there.  And what do you know, she was right!  A little squirrel raced out the back of the pile and along the house.  Ulani was so startled it took her a minute to chase off in pursuit -- enough lead time for the squirrel to race into the tree unharmed.

(The color's weird because it was SO sunny!)


Rose H (UK) said...

That's SO cute! Ulani looks wonderful with a snow beard.

The JR said...

He's having so much fun.

They are cute, sweet and beautiful.