Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ulani and the Flying Squirrel

Ulani loves to play Frisbee.  And these days, when the wind whips across the fields and the roads lay deep below the ice and snow cover, playing Frisbee is a really good way for her to shake off the cabin fever.

I felt that our old, beaten up, plastic disc was not up to snuff.  If it lands right side up in the snow, it's very difficult for Ulani to find the edge to pick it up.  And the places where teeth have gone through it seem rough, almost sharp.   Definitely time for a new toy.

I put out the word that I was looking for a flying toy that she could pick up more easily.  Linda P. suggested we try a "flying squirrel", so I picked one up.

The first time I threw it for Ulani, she raced after it, pounced on it in the snow, picked it up, shook it like crazy, dropped it, pounced on it again...  She absolutely loved it!  I was delighted!  Of course, I did not have the camera out so you can't see that encounter.  Instead, here's the second time we brought the flying squirrel outside:


Once I pulled myself together we tried it again, and here's the resulting video:

Much better! The flying squirrel is a big hit around here, lightening the veil of cabin fever for another day.


Rose H (UK) said...

Ulani always makes me smile :o) and I love that flying squirrel!

Tomi said...

Doesn't look like an squad quirrel I'm familiar with, but maybe those only live in Kalamazoo. Glad you're all having fun with it anyway and keeping out of trouble for a change.

The JR said...

Ah ha, will fetch for treats!

Sallie Ann said...

I could never get Roux to retrieve. Now that he has a brother who is a giant lab, perhaps he's more motivated. Or, more likely, he watches his brother go get the ball (toy, frizby) with the same smug look he used to watch me!