Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn getaway

This past weekend I was "up north" with a couple of college girlfriends.  We get together every October at a house in a pine forest on a river.  Heaven.  One of the central themes of every visit is food, such as the brunch table above featuring yogurt fruit parfaits, spinach quiche, spicy black bean dip, and assorted toast.  We also enjoyed a scrumptious autumn vegetable dish including butternut squash, onion, and zucchini roasted two hours in a broth that was sort of sweet/sour.  This was served over couscous.  Of course there were Busy Solitude Farm eggs for breakfast, and plenty of wine with supper.  

There are no pets in residence at this house, however this summer a sort of pet has adopted them.

Yes, a peacock. Apparently a few of them appeared early this year, but Lord Buddy Peacock is the sole remaining bird.  He roosts on the peak of the roof at night, then wanders around the property during the day.  I think he's kind of lonely.  The homeowner has placed a mirror behind a screen door so he can see his reflection and be company for himself, but beyond that he's a loner.

The belief is that he (and his former compatriots) came from a nearby farm where peafowl have been sighted before.  So before the homeowner closes up for the season, they plan to capture Lord Buddy and return him to the farm for the winter.  Maybe next year they can get a pair and have peachicks!

The weather was chilly and drizzly until our day of departure, when the sun came out.  My friends and I sat outdoors for a few minutes and manufactured some vitamin D.

Well, I always wanted curly hair.  Don't they have wonderful halos?  No such luck for me!

All too quickly, the weekend is over.  I returned home to happy pets who'd been well cared for in my absence.  And I think we were all delighted to climb into bed last night and cuddle up against the cold. 


The Old Red House said...

Lovely ladies - are those TW Limited earrings in Amy's ears?

Sherry said...

That sounds wonderful. There's nothing like friends you've known for many, many years. Having them anchors us in life.

The JR said...

That sounds like a very nice getaway. Glad you got to visit with your friends.

Peacocks are beautiful birds.

Tomi said...

My, I wish we could do it all again next weekend....alas, we must be content with our upcoming annual holiday rendezvous and dream for pumpkins, caramel apple pie and Witches Brew next autumn....

MaryEllen Schneider said...

Your lovely post has me looking forward to the annual Oct get away with my "Meditation Babe" friends at the end of the month. Also in WI at a friend's dome home in the country.

Ahhh, feeling more relaxed already.