Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Delicate Balance

Amazing.  This huge, ancient evergreen was uprooted when hurricane force winds blew through our area twice just before Independence Day.  I drive past this cemetery frequently, but until they cleared the branches from the trunk, I had not realized...

...that it was held up by a single tombstone.  Imagine the shock to the old bones below!

Another day or two and they will have cleared the entire thing away.  Soon the only memories of the huge storms of summer 2010 will be newly sunny flower beds, and fresh shingles.


Trish said...

Amazing. Obviously the old soul who lies there was a very strong person on this Earth, that's why their tombstone held the tree rather than being smashed by it. Awesome pic - thanks for sharing!

The JR said...

Aw, what a loss. We have a few giant oaks on our place in the yard part of our property. I'm always scared a big storm is going to get one of them.