Monday, March 1, 2010

What is that?

Hmmm, some unfamiliar elements made an appearance in the yard today.  What is that on the ground?  What is that above the trees?
Oskar trotted around, investigating.

A chicken pressed herself against the barn window, trying to see.

All the pink begonias shifted to the window side of the pot, stretching their floral necks to get a look.

Abe did his best to act cool, but he was enjoying it, too.

Sunshine!  Strong shadows!  Blue skies!

March is supposed to come in like a lion, but this year it's a purring kitty cat.  Do we ever need a few straight days like this to recharge cranky batteries and inspire us to push through to the summer!

Oskar, Ulani and I took a lovely walk up the road and back.  Even with a cold wind whooshing across the fields, the sun dominated to cheer us.  The cats are basking next to the house, out of the breeze but well in the embrace of the golden rays.  Oskar chose to stay in the yard.  He parades to one gate and the next, then holds a spot by the back door to enjoy the fresh air.

And now that I've shared this, I'm going to pull a chair up to the window and read sitting in the light.  It's unusual for nice weather to come on my day off.  I plan to enjoy it all day long!


The JR said...

We had a gorgeous weekend. Boo hoo it's raining today. Aw, at least we saw the sun for 2 whole days.

Chicken Boys said...

I'm done with elements. We're expecting rain tomorrow, with snow tomorrow night, then more rain on top of that. GO AWAY! I want to dig in the dirt, plant some flowers, work in the garden, WEAR SHORTS!!

Callie Brady said...

We had sun on the 1st too, very nice, but it is supposed to rain the next two days. Never know what the weather is going to do.

Sheryl at Providence North said...

We had a gorgeous, warm and sunny! Wasn't it wonderful!