Monday, October 12, 2009

Movin' on up!

The chicks and Mama Hen have moved upstairs! Last night I went to turn out the chicken light and was surprised to hear peeping from the laying boxes. There I discovered this happy family snuggling in for the night. I'm not sure if it's warmer there than in their dog kennel on the floor (probably is) or if Mama is getting the urge to begin laying again. Or maybe it's just because the little ones are big enough to fly up that high now. In any event, they made themselves quite comfortable in their new penthouse digs!

I was at home all day today. Often when that's the case, the chickens stay inside because the dogs are outside with me. I distracted them by tossing them a cabbage from the yard, roots and all. This is what remained at the end of the day -- rather like a cactus! Lots of entertainment for confined birds.

Oskar partook of his favorite sport this evening. Need I say more?! Bye for now!


Nancy K. said...

Too cute! What kind of chickens are the babies?

Johanna said...

My rooster is a Cuckoo Marans. That's where their coloring comes from. The hens are a variety pack, so I'm not certain. I believe one of them came from a Cuckoo Marans' egg, so it will be pure. Didn't see the shell the other one came out of, so if it's a female maybe I'll be able to tell when it starts laying.

This blog was begun in September of '07 when my first chick hatched. Chick-Chuck is also Egglebert's daughter, and it turned out her mother was an Ameraucana. She lays green eggs with a light brown overlay. Pretty!

The JR said...

Growing on up. They sure enjoyed that cabbage.


John Going Gently said...

the buff is lovely!
nice photos!

Chicken Boys said...

They must take after their daddy. lol

Callie Brady said...

That top photo is so cute!.