Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion

I was recently interviewed by Gail Isaacson for her radio show, Harbor Country Inspired on WRHC / Radio Harbor Country. She focuses on interesting, creative people in our community and she wanted to talk about this here blog! (That's Gail and her husband, Dave, who also acts as her engineer and is a station big-wig.)

And, luckily for you the reader, not only is Radio Harbor Country broadcast here in the area at 106.7 FM, but they stream the broadcast so you can listen on the internet. The info is at the end of this post.

Gail and I have surprisingly similar backgrounds. We seem to have lived parallel lives, both college theatre majors, both working in the Off-Loop Theatre world in Chicago in the 1980s, both moving into more corporate activities, both relocating here to Harbor Country. As she says, how many people do you know in your everyday life who have heard of Ionesco and seen Rhinoceros?

In any event, we had a lovely chat, I read a few of my posts, and she acted the shill in directing people here to read more. I hope you can catch the broadcast.

This weekend you can hear me interviewed on
WRHC / Radio Harbor Country / 106.7 FM-LP, or catch the stream from their website. The schedule is Saturday and Sunday, April 4 and 5, 10:00 am EST or Monday, April 6, 10:30 am EST.


MaryEllen Schneider said...

Congrats, Johanna! I'll be listening online.

BTW, I saw Rhinoceros, too, back in the day. Can't say I'm a fan but it was memorable.

The Old Red House said...

very cool!

Manhattan Harvey said...

I predict that by midweek you'll be selling this blog to Google for a cool million or two.

Johanna said...

MH, from your lips to god's ears! If it happens, can I hire you as editor?