Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sunshine is streaming down on us here at Busy Solitude Farm. All the critters perk up with the bright light, despite the single digit temperatures.

Just look at the ridge of Tweedledum's comb. The sun streaming through the window helps to warm all that blood rushing through the tissue.

The house pets enjoy the sunshine, too. Oskar did a bit of heat-seeking this afternoon, finding a strong ray of sun for his afternoon nap. Look at those big mitts of his just glowing in the light!

Of course no one finds sunshine more soothing than a cat, as Luke demonstrates on the La-Z-Boy.

Even my NeBoShone pine cast a long shadow this afternoon.

I sat outdoors with a cup of Constant Comment tea, pulled off my sunglasses and leaned back my head to absorb some rays, make some vitamin D, and pretend for just a few minutes that the gardens were in full bloom, green grass under my feet, trees fully leafed-out. I could almost smell the lilies. But that dream must wait a few months.

It won't be long now!


Anonymous said...

I read this, looked around me on the 15th floor, found a nice sunbeam coming in over West 40th Street and curled up for my own nap. So what if a bunch of cranks couldn't use the copy machine for a couple hours because I was "in the way." I was happy as Oskar on a rug.

Johanna said...

Hey, maybe if those cranks got more sunshine they wouldn't be so cranky!

Anonymous said...

I like the part about "It won't be long now." Hope not. Thank you again for rescuing me from my haze today (which is Thursday, not Wednesday, I now know thanks to you). Here's to busy solitude and here's to sunshine, more of it each day.