Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Snake in the...


I went to cut some flowers for my office this morning, and was greeted by this!

Imagine my surprise! I've seen a snake around from time to time, but always slithering across the grass. I did not know that they are able to perch like this!

Initially it was very still, so I tried to get closer with the camera. Then the tongue began to dart and just as I tried to catch a shot with the spiked tongue out, the snake dropped all at once off the flower and I gave it lots of room to run away! I guess now I could go out and get a few of the red zinnias, which were in the snake's territory, but I think I'll just leave the flowers alone for a while.


jjcreations said...

Hi Johanna
These are get shots!!! I have a fairly large cornsnake living in my house - in an enclosed container. He belongs to my son. Wasn't happy when he arrived at the house - but now I even pick him up to clean his container.

I lost my old e-mail account - hacked!!! Could you send me a message at the following e-mail so that I can get your e-mail back - thanks.....I can't spot a "contact me" on your blog.

Joan Jeffery
Nee: Baker

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