Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good news about eggs!

In the well blog in this morning's New York Times, Tara Parker Pope wrote about the positive health qualities of eggs. She quoted from the March, 2008 Berkeley Wellness Letter.

The sound bite is that eggs got a bad rap. It turns out that some folks are sensitive to dietary cholesterol -- about 1/3 of the population. For them, eating eggs can raise cholesterol. But not for the rest of us. And, when cholesterol rises in sensitive people, they form larger globs of LDL, which are less risky than the tiny suckers.

What's more, eggs are full of wonderful nutrients including lutein to protect against macular degeneration, vitamin A, B vitamins, zinc and iron.

So get out your frying pan (and olive oil, not butter!). If you want to read the whole report, here it is: http://www.wellnessletter.com/html/wl/2008/wlFeatured0308.html


Anonymous said...

Oh, come, come. A little butter in the frying pan won't kill anyone. Live a little! At least on Sunday mornings!

MaryEllen Schneider said...

I'm with n.y. harvey--gotta cook my eggs in a little butter. Yum.