Monday, May 5, 2008


Last summer I moved three mid-sized lilac bushes from an area of perennials. The weight of them almost put an end to the project -- I hadn't figured on how large the root balls would be! I installed two of them on the northwest corner of my house, near a bedroom window for the scent, and near the outdoor table for beauty.

Unfortunately for the lilacs, being on the outside of the fence dramatically reduced the amount of care they received, as well as the amount of sun.

As you can see from the photo, however, they pulled through, settled in, and are now in lovely bloom. These shots were taken in the evening, so they are a little darker than ideal. The bushes need to fill in some, perhaps a gentle pruning after the bloom would help that. It's important to me that they fill in a bit, and then add about a foot of height.

And that is important because my goal is to mask the view of the humongous silos across the street! While I do appreciate living in an agricultural setting, watching the farmers run their huge John Deeres through the field, driving slowly behind a cultivator or an overflowing truck full of hay bales, I also enjoy the notion that my house is oriented away from the guts of the neighboring farm. The picnic table is one of the few places in my yard where one gets a view of the silver silos. So I need another foot of height from these lilacs. Or else!

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