Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Grown Up is She?

Chick-Chuck hatched on or about September 17, which would make her just over five month sold. Recently I have noticed that, while feathered like a Cuckoo Marans, she has the head of an Araucana -- ear muffs, and a tight little comb.

In the past week or so I have noticed a couple of smaller green eggs layed. Could they be from her? I have not yet seen her in one of the nests, but her boldness with the others grows daily. In fact, this morning she hopped right up next to Egglebert on a roost. (Admittedly, once she arrived she took one look at him and scurried way over to the far end, but for a moment she stood right next to her dad as pretty as can be!)

I hoped that, if she is in fact a mix of Marans and Araucana, that her eggs would have a distinct color resulting from a green shell with a brown overlay, and I expect that is still possible. But on the other hand, she may have already demonstrated exactly what she'll produce!

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