Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chick-Chuck in the Morning

This morning I went early to check the chickens in the barn. I found Chick-Chuck perching on a roost just a foot away from Egglebert and a couple of the hens. She wasn't yet so bold as to lean into them for warmth, but it is clear she is finding her way into the flock.

We had one sad moment, when all the other hens were in one area of the pen scratching for corn and Chick-Chuck wandered to the other side. Suddenly she let out the baby peep alarm -- high pitched, long notes in a very loud voice as if saying "help me!" I peeped back in what I hoped were happy, reassuring tones and she came back to where the others were. Was she realizing her Mama is gone?

It's a lesson in the laws of nature. Sometimes vicious things happen, but we are made resilient.

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