Thursday, September 27, 2007

There's a new chick on the farm!

There was a blessed event at Busy Solitude Farm about ten days ago. After waiting and waiting forever (well, 21 days), one of the golden hens hatched out a little Peep! I came home from work, checked the barn and heard a beautiful trilling voice, quite different from the mature clucking of the hens. A peek in the corner revealed a dark baby chick looking out from under the broody girl.

Of course Egglebert is the father, but I am fairly certain that the blond is not the bio-mom. Now that the feathers are coming in my guess would be Black Australorp - Cuckoo Marans cross. The bars on its wingfeathers are in an outline pattern, not as broken up as a Cuckoo.

The other key question is boy or girl? I can't tell, so I've been calling it "Chick". If it turns out to be a rooster, quick change to "Chuck"! This is the season for that name, right?

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